How I cheat in Ruzzle

Ruzzle is an interesting word game where you need to find as many words as possible from the given 4×4 alphabets. You can challenge your friends or choose any random opponent.

How I cheat in Ruzzle Cover

Here I will share out how to use the ruzzle solver to get higher score.

Use this solver when you are stuck or unable find the words.

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Step by step on how to get answers for Ruzzle

Before start the games you will need to open the ruzzle solver on another device.
1. Open the Ruzzle Solver and then start the game.

2. Once the games is start quickly enter the letters.
How I cheat in Ruzzle Step 2

3. You can follow the list to find out the words.
Tips: Try not to solve too many longer words or else your opponent will suspect you are cheater. :)
How I cheat in Ruzzle 3

Ruzzle Solver in other language

The ruzzle might support other languages too you can get it from the list below


  1. I hate cheaters ppl do anything to win…. It’s a game where ppl want to have fun and be competitive.

  2. People who have to cheat to win at Ruzzle are some of the foulest creatures on the face of the earth.

  3. I began playing Ruzzle because I thought it could not be cheated. I was tired of playing word games with morons who knew 10 letter medical terms. Really folks? So I began playing Ruzzle. I’m bummed out to learn that this game can also be cheated. I wish I could find people who just want to play skill against skill, no cheating.

    • Maria, I play Ruzzle and do not cheat. I like playing “skill to skill” recognizing that sometimes you do well in the game and sometimes not. Come play me. I am Misst1217.

    • William Glenn Ward says:

      Any game can be cheated in but remember that this game has a 1 or 2
      minute time limit so those that are truly skilled can beat the cheaters
      easily. Don’t despair, because beating a cheater is very rewarding!

    • I do not cheat and get beaten regularly

  4. You’re a complete cunt for this. Don’t cheat.

  5. Unfortunately I have played some cheaters, and now I never want to play them again. I want to have a fair match with people in my range who will give my brain a true workout.

  6. Racquel Sapir says:

    What’s the fun in cheating? Cannot understand why u would want to cheat instead of using ur brain…

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