Fieldrunners 2 Hocus Poke Us Heroic


Fieldrunners 2 Hocus Poke Us Heroic mode not so easy to break the level because you have to survive 25 rounds. Hence I record and share it out how to break this level. I will try to explain it on every round. Hocus Poke Us Heroic – Round 1 – Place the first gatling tower. […]

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough


Finally Fieldrunners 2 is release! I like this game since first version. Hence I will share out the guide how to breakthrough the level. Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough Fieldrunners 2 Map Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Carnie guarding Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Twist of fate Casual mode Tough mode Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Speedhenge p/s: For heroic mode with this […]

Toy Defense Guide and Tips


Toy Defense Review This is tower defense like game with awesome graphic, you need to protect your own base to prevent enemy break in. They have 4 main units with different upgrades to protect your base. At the beginning of the game you will get limited money to buy and build up your force. Once […]