CUBIC ROOM room escape Walkthrough

What would you do when you found yourself being locked up in a cubic room? Well, try everything given and escape from the room!

CUBIC ROOM escape Walkthrough Cover

CUBIC ROOM room escape Review

Cubic room escape game comes with impressive clean graphic, everything look so simple yet challenging. You can get hints from tapping on the hints poker card.

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If you still stuck on it, then you can check on my walkthrough.

CUBIC ROOM room escape Walkthrough

CUBIC ROOM – room escape Walkthrough – How to play

CUBIC ROOM escape Basic Info
1. Tap to search or select the item.
2. Tap and hold to magnify the item.
3. Swipe down to close or back.

CUBIC ROOM – room escape Walkthrough – Section 1

Next Section
1. Go to the diamond section tap on the pink card.
CUBIC ROOM escape Walkthrough 01

2. Tap on the color shape above the door.
CUBIC ROOM escape Walkthrough 02

3. Use the pink card on the color shape, then number 5634 will be showed.
CUBIC ROOM escape Walkthrough 03

4. Tap on the lock and then enter the correct number.
CUBIC ROOM escape Walkthrough 04

5. Unlock the door and take the screwdriver.
CUBIC ROOM escape Walkthrough 05

6. Go to the cylinder section, tap on the power socket.

7. Use screwdriver to open the socket and then take the key.

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