CUBIC ROOM room escape Walkthrough

CUBIC ROOM escape Walkthrough featured

What would you do when you found yourself being locked up in a cubic room? Well, try everything given and escape from the room! CUBIC ROOM room escape Review Cubic room escape game comes with impressive clean graphic, everything look so simple yet challenging. You can get hints from tapping on the hints poker card. […]

Pudding Monsters Walkthrough


Pudding Monsters is a cute graphic and funny games by ZeptoLab UK Limited (creators of cut the rope )and it is now available for iphone, ipad and android. Your missions is to join all the pudding together in order to grow up bigger protecting themselve. Pudding Monster Review ★ I quite enjoy this games, here […]

100 Fusumas Room Escape Walkthrough


If you like to play 100 floors or 100 rooms types escape game, I bet you will like 100 fusumas too! You need to find solutions to open the fusuma (Japanese sliding door) and escape from the rooms. 100 Fusumas Room Escape review They have nice traditional Japanese style graphic and fully utilised your device […]

100 Floors Christmas solutions and walkthrough


I am big fan of escape games and noted that 100 floors release Christmas version hence I download and play it, here i will share the solutions. 100 Floors Christmas Review There are 15 levels for the Christmas version under seasons tower. Only few levels are a bit challenging where the rest are consider easy […]

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Walkthrough

diamond escape 2 walkthrough featured image

Escape game is one of my favorite game because it is challenging. It has been sometime that I did not play escape game as I am focusing on fieldrunner and the curse games. Diamond penthouse escape 2 is a simply direct hints given escape game. Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Walkthrough Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Walkthrough […]

Factory 96 Walkthrough for ios and android


Factory96 is an addictive and interesting escape games, you hardly stop once you start playing. All you need to do is to discover the hidden 3 digit code in each level. If You’re stuck on a level? Drop me a comment or you are welcome to share the solutions. Thanks. Factory96 Walkthrough Factory 96 Walkthrough […]

IQ Epilogue Walkthrough


This is latest puzzle games. I found this game because of their previous version which is IQ Mission. This IQ Epilogue have total 48 levels to challenge. I will write down how I solve the puzzle in order to help those who get stuck on the level. If You’re stuck on a puzzles? Drop me […]

The Curse Game Walkthrough


This is a high quality puzzles game with nice graphic. I try to share out how to solve this game with better screenshot and description. If You’re stuck on a level? Drop me a line in below comments..or If you know the solution are welcome to share it out Since have a lot info to […]

Fieldrunners 2 Hocus Poke Us Heroic


Fieldrunners 2 Hocus Poke Us Heroic mode not so easy to break the level because you have to survive 25 rounds. Hence I record and share it out how to break this level. I will try to explain it on every round. Hocus Poke Us Heroic – Round 1 – Place the first gatling tower. […]

The Mirror of Truth Walkthrough


This is a tricky and full of challenges escape game, most of the hints are not given to you directly where it will kill a lot of your brain cells in order to solve the hints. You will have great satisfactory once you have break the game, so wish you all the best and enjoy […]