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The Curse Game Page 91 to Page 100 Solution

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The Curse Game Page 91

Tangram #10
Reconstruct the silhouette.

The Curse Game Page 92

Lights Out #6
Turn off all the lights.

The Curse Game Page 94

Burn the rope #7
Follow the sequence to burn all the knots.

The Curse Game Page 95

Riddle #13
Interesting numbers…
They may provide your solution.
Answer is THREE
The LETTER will show out on the stamp.

The Curse Game Page 96

Lights Out #7
Turn off all the lights.

The Curse Game Page 97

Hamiltonian #6
Make a circuit using every nail.

The Curse Game Page 98

Sliding block #10
Folow the video below to remove the mannequin block.

The Curse Game Page 99

Burn the rope #8
Follow the sequence to burn all the knots.

The Curse Game Page 100

Final cogs and gears placement. Once you solve this will bring you to puzzle 101!

The Curse Game Page 101

Try to find out the correct number.
If you unable to find out the number can try to visit my post HERE

  • Dan

    Hi I game completed all 100 puzzles and placed the cogs to open puzzle 101 with the number tumblers. I have no idea for clues any ideas on this?


      Hi Dan, I have not completed all 100 puzzles. You are welcome to share the solutions for unsolved puzzles so that we can discuss on puzzle 101 together. Thanks

      • http://Hhhjs Kingg9999

        Thanks man for the help

  • Asimov

    Hello need help for Soliraire#1 page31

  • oeildecat

    hello, I have the screen shot for game 97. Do you need it?


      Yes, thanks for sharing :)

      • oeildecat

        games 78, 84, 89, 93 and 97 on your facebook page :)

      • oeildecat

        games 29, 42, 48, 53, 58, 63, 64 and 67 also send to fb

  • http://Hhhjs Kingg9999

    The puzzel he doesn’t have plz upload

  • Chas

    Completed all puzzles except the last four lights out. Having real problems with these. Any clues?

  • Phoebe

    Any help for the sliding blocks? 39 & 46 please


      Hi Phoebe, Sliding block 39 & 46 added kindly check it out.

  • ana

    i need help for page 39


      Hi Ana, solution for page 39 added, kindly check it.

  • sam

    thanks man for help , I needs to help : lights out 92,96,82,62 please..


      Hi Sam, Lights Out 92,96,82,62 added. :)

      • sam

        ooooooooh my goodness you’r very smart boy thanks a lot for help.


          No problem, glad I could help.

  • Richw

    Hi pls can u help with game 96 lights out 4 ? It’s driving me mental !


    Hi friends~ solution for page 35,41,52,53,63,67,72,75,77,82,84,94,97,99 added.
    Hope this will help you all. And thanks for oeildecat sharing. By the way the light out still in progress. :)

  • charlotte

    hey any help with pages ….. 72, 74,85, 86 and 90…. many thanks xox

  • Richw

    Thanks man don’t know htf u worked that out but I’m so glad u did that’s been driving me crazy for three days now !

  • Richw

    Any body got any idea about the last puzzle iv only had a quick look but don’t even know what im sposed to be doin !


      Do you mean the 100 cogs puzzle? I had updated the post, Kindly check it.

  • Jodie

    I tried your solution to puzzle 62….it’s wrong!! :( That is my last puzzle, been stuck on it for dayss


      Hi Jodie, ops sorry for the wrong guide, I had updated it kindly check again. :)

  • James

    #62 lights out solution is wrong. Thanks for the other solutions though!


      Thanks for point out, I had updated #62 lights out. Finally this time is correct. :)

      • LiLi Silverton

        no its not :S

        • LiLi Silverton

          never mind for some reason it was wrong like 5minutes ago and now its right! 😀

  • Sami

    Puzzle #72 Is just impossible! The screenshot doesn’t help, I know you can’t really help with it but I appreciate any kind of hint or tip. Hope I get it D:


      Hi Sami, Yes, the puzzle 72 untangle is really hard to describe it by screenshot, the guide I can show is try to move the most connections reels in to middle then the less connections reels move out site.

    • Matt

      Easiest way to do this is to (quickly) drag all reels to the bottom (try to keep them slightly apart so you can see each one). Grab a reel with 6/7 connections from the bottom to the middle (which is now clear), and start bringing up the ones it is connected to and placing them around it. Then move onto the ones they are connected to up etc… Half of the problem with this puzzle is that there are so many connections running through the middle at the start, it’s hard to see when you’re making progress.

      Hope this helps.

  • Jenni

    I’m struggling with Lights Out 27. Can you help?


      Hi Jenni, Lights out 27 added. Hope this will help you.

  • Kostadin

    Hi I’ve completed all puzzles and I’m working on the last one. I know what to do (not sure if I can spoil it here) just haven’t found all the clues yet. I really wanted to contribute but sometimes I don’t have enough time to make a screenshot when I finish the puzzle because of the congratulatory screen. I can share the cogs (#100) though. And what is the idea behind the last puzzle.

    • Kostadin

      I’ve solved the final puzzle if you want I can post the solution and numbers.


        Hi Kostadin,
        Thanks and congrats to you, I had finished it too and just post up the guide. :)

      • William

        Can help with puzzle number 31?

  • lisa

    hi there,I’m really stuck on cogs 15/20///i can’t reach level 100 b4 doing this.your image above isn’t the same as mine.iv only got 15 gear placements .Dont no how to get past this :(


      Hi Lisa,
      You need to finish 99 puzzles then can acquire all the cogs.

  • lisa

    oh i see …thank such a blonde lol ,iv been trying to do it for hours haha

  • Paul

    I have just three left – 54, 70 and 90. Any help with any of those?!


      Hi Paul,

      Answer for puzzle 54 sliding picture and 70 magic squares is added. Hope this will help you, good luck!

      • Paul

        Thanks, although for magic squares the board is different every time. Any tips for strategy?


          Hi Paul,
          Although the board is different every time, but each row or column the number is remain the same.
          E.g. If the board showing number 8, then you will need to consider the number on the row or column should have 11,10,5 and 1,12,13

  • LiLi Silverton

    you are missing quite a few that i am stuck on!

  • LiLi Silverton

    why can’t i see the puzzles you have said you added in?


      Hi Lili,
      Can I know which puzzles unable to view or you stuck on it?

  • Lucy

    Help with 54 please! The sliding pic frame, it’s impossible!!


      Hi Lucy, the 54 sliding pic hard to guide you by here, it took me a lot of times too.

  • Lucy

    Ok cheers I’ll try again, how about 89 divide the pairs, do you have a screenshot? Thx


      Hi Lucy, the screenshot for puzzle 89 was there. Hope this can help you.

  • Shelley Smith

    Please help guys! I have completed 90 out of 100 and the mannequin has placed 3 wooden boards over my screen and I have no idea how to get them off! Any ideas?


      Hi Shelley, for this issue you can try shut down and restart your device. :)

      • Shelley Smith

        I don’t know why I didn’t try that sooner! Silly me! Thank you so much.


          No problem Shelley, glad your issue is resolved :)

    • Curser

      The Wooden boards can be removed by touching the nails 2-3 times

  • Cris Lewis

    I am having a mare – I’ve completed everything except the picture wheel (90) and the button gauge (73) – any help would be appreciated!!! Will help on thr others if I can!!

  • Lucy

    Hi, do u have a screen shot of pairs game 89? Thanks, Lucy


      Hi Lucy, game 89 draw the line posted. :)

  • Tinefel

    How manybcandles were on the bday?

    • K of Ds

      You can re-watch the previous videos in the Gallery section. Read on if you want the answer:

      Invited 4 guests and those guests each bring 2 more guests. Half of all guests bring a cake, each cake has 13 candles:

      4X3/2*13 = 78 candles

  • Emma

    Any clues on completing page 86 the mimic game, for some reason it’s got me completely confused!! Please help I’ve only got 2 puzzles left

  • K of Ds

    Any solution for page 68 – Solitaire #2?

  • WicKeD

    I am stock on 90 … Need your help plz

  • Lucy

    Can u show the sequence for 74 button gage? Thx Lucy

  • Coady

    Need a step by step guide for page 15, i see your diagram but still cannot get it! Please HELP!

  • Abbey

    Puzzle 34 please?

  • sam

    please 69 solitaire #2 video solution if that possible

  • renierjvr

    Hi Here is a nie solution for Puzzle #31 – Solution to Solitaire number 1

    Number the top row 01-05, 2nd row 06-10 etc To Solve Move 8-18, 06-08, 03-13, 01-03, 04-02, 14-04, 05-03, 03-01, 16-06, 01-11, 18-08, 11-13, 08-18, 22-12, 23-13, 12-14, 15-13, 25-15, 10-20, 20-18, 13-23, 24-22, 21-23.

  • renierjvr

    Here the solve for Burn the Rope Puzzle 58

  • renierjvr

    Heres the Solve for Puzzle 59 Arrange three consecutive rows with the following numbers:4 4 2 2; 3 3 3 3; 5 1 1 5; From A.

  • renierjvr

    Puzzle 64 – Circuits #4. Orange is all along the top then down 3, left 7, down 3, right 6, down 3, then left to ending orange. The other colors connect where orange isn’t.

  • renierjvr

    Hi Here is a nice solution for Puzzle #68 – Solution to Solitaire number #2

    Imagine that the holes are numbered from 1 to 33, going from left to right and from top to bottom. To Solve Move :

    5-17 ,8-10 ,1-9 ,16-4 ,3-1-9 ,28-16 ,21-23 ,24-22 ,Three Jumps here : 7-21-23 ,26-24 ,33-25 ,18-30 , Three Jumps here : 31-33-25 ,6-18 ,13-11 ,10-12 , Three Jumps here : 27-13-11 , Now a big one 6 jumps 24-22-8-10-12-26-24 , 17-19 , 29-17 , 16-18 , 19-17.

    Leaving Just one Marble in the center.

  • renierjvr

    Here is a nice Site to help with Puzzle #85 Tower of Hanoi


      thumbs up! this is cool site for solving Tower of Hanoi, thanks again :)

      • feffer74

        I have a screenshot showing solution to 93 circuit 6 if you want it.

  • Daria

    Renierjvr, thank u)))

  • Tori

    Hi, help with puzzle 86 please


      Hi Tori, regarding puzzle 86 since it is really hard to find out the right mimic, hence I keep trying luck randomly pick when the time start counting. It can without wasting time to compare.

  • magician

    Hay thire
    I am stauk. With the puzzle puzz 54
    Any help. You guys


      Hi magician, the puzzle 54 is hard i put it at the last to solve it and i been trying few times only success.

  • Roberto

    hello, thank you for your invaluable help on solutions, but I was wondering if you could give me a clue more to finish the mission 31 solitarie # 1


      Hi Roberto, move for solitaire #1 added. Hope this will help you.

  • Kosrie

    i need help for page 34

  • http://Na Silver

    Please help me on page 34. Tq


    Hi Kosrie, silver and Abbey
    Regarding puzzle 34 code box the answer is different each time you play. You have to try out your luck on it. My suggest is first few rounds you have to submit with same tiles and keep tracking the correct number.

    • Kosrie

      OK~ thanx

  • maedeh

    you are brillianr

  • maedeh

    brilliant i mean :)

  • Tori

    Hi have solved all except 54 it has me stumped,impossible to do it in the allocated time please help

  • iso

    Hey guys, i just discovered a Bug in the “untangle” Levels. Just move all the cotton reels to one corner of the game and you beat the Level easily. Iso


      Hi iso, this is so easy to solve the untangle, thanks for the tips!! :)

  • Mabs

    OMG IM cursed!! i cant do 68 solitaire.. helppp . driving me insane

    • Mabs

      got the solutions from renierjvr… im peaceful now.. 😉 thank u. <3

  • nazif

    Thanks bro…..u r great!!!


      No problem, hope you like it :)

  • printedroses

    i need help for page 59, combination!

    • tungdepzai

      The first 3 rows are
      3 5 1 3
      4 4 2 2
      3 3 3 3
      Then it will all be 12

  • Harriet

    Need help with puzzle 68!!!!

  • Dorothy Grasso

    Does anyone’s page 20 look different then all the others pages like it in the walkthrough?
    If anyone can help, it’d be great.

  • anhtungdepzai

    You do realise that level 68 (solitaire 2) isn’t there, right?
    Just simply post a “Chinese solitaire solution” video here.
    That’s all

  • Aliasgar

    i m stuck on 54 n 72 due to time
    remaining all completed if der is any numbering method pls do help …

    • Mokiros

      Huh, same thing…

  • Tomas

    Can someone please explain how he does the card trick after solving 20 puzzles? It’s freaking me out

    • Zach

      None of the cards he has are the same. When he shows the cards the first time he has a jack of club and diamonds, a queen of hearts and culbs and a king of spades and diamonds. When he shows his cards the second time he has a jack of clubs, a queen of diamonds and spades and a king of clubs and diamonds. Everyone just notices that the card that you picked isn’t there but most peopl don’t realize that none of the original cards are there, just similar cards. Simple and cool trick.

  • Catwoman

    He removes all the previous cards and replace them with different cards…

  • http://[email protected] cristina

    i need help for page 34

  • http://[email protected] cristina

    i need help for page 42

  • Stephanie

    I can’t enter in 78 for the candle puzzle. I click everywhere and nothing happens :/ Please help?

    • Lisa

      I am having the same issue, does anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks.

  • Sarah

    I have a screen shot for game 29 do you still need it?

  • Haru

    I need help for #43…

  • ivo

    Does anyone have a solution for 41 ?

  • Sophie

    Puzzle 68 please,this solitare is hard

    • Kahuna

      Solitaire #2 – Solution (Number all the balls from right to left, top to bottom. Then follow the instruction below…)

      15>17 28>16 21>23 07>21 16>28 31>23 24>22 21>23 26>24 24>25
      32>24>26 33>25 26>24 12>26 27>25 13>27 24>26 27>25 10>12 25>11
      12>10 03>11 10>12 08>10 01>09>11 02>10 17>05 12>10 05>17

  • Shaianne

    I need help with puzzle #58!!

  • Kahuna

    Solitaire #2 – I don’t know if the solution has already been posted, but here goes anyway:

    First number all the balls from 1 to 33 from left to right, top to bottom.

    15>17 28>16 21>23 07>21 16>28 31>23 24>22 21>23 26>24 24>25 32>24>26 33>25 26>24
    12>26 27>25 13>27 24>26 27>25 10>12 25>11 12>10 03>11 10>12 08>10 01>09>11 02>10
    17>05 12>10 05>17

  • Aleasha

    Hey guys I’ve been stuck on puzzle 34 for days! Can anyone help??

  • Mike

    Help meee!! 72, 54, 86))

  • aizhing

    i am stuck in that page when you have to free yourself to go back and answer the remaining questions. help please…

  • Joe

    Secret admirer nr.5, riddle. The answer is above (elbow – anagram is below – opposite is above)


      Thanks! Joe

  • Sophie

    Solitaire valentines is wrong :( please update


      Fixed :)

  • Brownize

    Hello – I’m pretty sure I’m following the solution correctly at the beginning but then it seems to have errors in it. Please help!

  • Brownize

    Hello – I keep trying to replicate this solution and run into errors where there is no heart in the slot the solution says it should be in. Please help!



      thanks for the heads up, i have corrected it

  • Gayleen

    I completed the last magic square puzzle, not sure of the number, received a cog, then a video from the naked man started to play but I missed all of what he said. Now I have three nailed boards on my screen. A few nails pooped up, but everything is frozen. I can’t even exit out.


      you can try force close the apps

  • EZilerr

    I’m your biggest fan EVER!!! iPlay!


      Thanks for your support. :)

  • Kate

    i found this really great tut for solving puzzle 90 of you want to see what you think of it. It teaches a method to line up all 3 rings then you can rotate the face to its solved location.


      Cool! Thanks for sharing this

  • Carlos

    someone can help me with the cod box?

  • bharadwaj

    please help me out in circular pic please??


      Hi Bharadwaj, check this video there have well explained how to solve circular pic :)

  • Lauri

    After solving 90 puzzles you are stuck… do you really need to buy hints or is it a trick?

  • Mokiros

    Where is Level 58: Burn the rope #5?

  • Don Nichols

    The solution for 15 is not helpful enough. And if that’s how all the “sliding block” puzzles are shown, I’m using a different source.

  • Don Nichols

    If the Untangle puzzle gives you any trouble, I found a YouTube video that shows you how to solve it within seconds. The video description explains that it works with all 3 Untangle puzzles.

  • Don Nichols

    I thought it might be a good idea to post the “dinner party” puzzle played out on the cutscene for solving 40 puzzles, as the solution will reward you with one free hint. This puzzle is nothing more than a simple math problem, and I’ll walk you through it. Page devs, perhaps this should be added to the main puzzle solution pages.
    “If I invite 3 guests,” 3. “And each guest brings 2 more guests,” 1+2=3 (each guest is now 3 guests), with 4 original guests, 4×3=12. “And half of my guests bring cake,” 12/2=6. “And each cake has 13 candles,” 6×13=78. There are 78 “candles at my party.”
    After solving 50 puzzles, Mannequin will ask for the answer to the problem. Scroll the two wheels until you have 78, press SUBMIT, and you will get one free hint! Though not actually a page, this puzzle is one of the simplest in the game, and some players probably need this hint.

    • Don Nichols

      I came back and noticed a typo in the solution I gave. Mannequin initially invites 4 guests, not 3. However, the rest of the solution is correct. I apologize for the mistake. Hopefully, you at least understood my solution anyway.

  • Don Nichols

    I’ve got a screenshot of Level 59 solved.

  • Don Nichols

    I have a small “cheat”, if you will, for all bulb puzzles. I draw out the entire bulb layout down on my dry erase board before I begin. (Doesn’t have to be a dry erase board, I just don’t want to waste paper.) I then pause the level between each and every bulb in sequence and mark them down. If the pause is timed correctly, you will get the next bulb immediately after unpausing. Then when done, I just follow my marks. A bit time consuming, yes, but it works for me every time. Luckily, there are no time restraints, so that extra time doesn’t go to waste. Unless, of course, you enter incorrectly, and therefore, have to restart.