Pudding Monsters Walkthrough

Pudding Monsters Cover
Pudding Monsters is a cute graphic and funny games by ZeptoLab UK Limited (creators of cut the rope )and it is now available for iphone, ipad and android. Your missions is to join all the pudding together in order to grow up bigger protecting themselve.

Pudding Monster Review

★ I quite enjoy this games, here is some my thought about the games. There are awesome sliding game with nice animation and new game idea. ★

Pudding Monster Walkthrough

To pass a level is easy but it will be challenging if you want to get perfect score.
Here I will share out how to get perfect score for each level.
(To get a star you have to place the pudding on top of the Star Mark [★].)

Pudding Monster Walkthrough – Fridge Escape

Pudding Monster Walkthrough – Room Invaders

Pudding Monster Walkthrough – The Neighborhood

Pudding Monster Walkthrough – 1-01

Next Level
Pudding Monsters Walkthrough Level 1-01
The first 2 level just an simple tutorial show you how to play.

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