Mekorama All Levels Answers and QR code


Yet another nice puzzle released on 2016, if you love to play Monument then this game “Mekorama” is a MUST play for you. The game size just less than 10mb! Your mission is sending the robot to reach the base(red dot). Here I will share out QR code, tips or hint for each levels, some […]

Ulterior All Levels Answers and Hints


If you like puzzle game like 100 escape type you have to try this Ulterior puzzle game by Pine Entertainment. This game is by far one of the best puzzle games in 2016 I’ve played on iOS. But Free version has only 20 levels, you will need to pay .99 full game. Today I will […]

Logic Dots All Levels Answers


If you like solving challenging puzzles like minesweeper, than you will love Logic Dots by Ayopa Games. It is simple to play but hard to solve when you getting deeper level like 9×9, 11×11 and much more. Hence we will share out all the level answers with high quality for Logic dots. Check this post […]

RGB Express – Mini Truck Puzzle Answers


RGB Express is a unique and well designed puzzle game by Bad Crane Ltd. It’s simple to play, yet super addictive! You are running RGB Express truck, the only one company specialized in delivering colors. The challenging part is that you will need to deliver the packages to every house without overlaped the route. The […]

Google Map Pokémon Cheats


Happy April Fool! Today Google have release a challenging games to find all the Pokémon thru Google map. Tons of wild Pokémon have hidden up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps. And we are share out the list for you so that you can easily capture Pokémon to faster become […]

Tower of Saviors Skill CD Hack


Today we will show you how to edit Tower of Saviors(TOS) skill CD (cold down) on Android devices. You can use common memory hacking tools like GameKiller, GameGuardian, SBGameHacker and etc which support search for a set of numbers. Requirements: Android root devices Download Tower of Saviors English Version (Global) Chinese Version (Global) How to […]

What’s the Difference? spot the hidden object Reveal and Cheats


Today we will provide you with detailed images, reveal, and hints on how to play this best game. Check out our reveal photo if you run out of “Lifelines (More time, Revel one, Zap Time and Skip Level)”. Thanks for What’s the Pic? makers reinvented this coolest spot the difference game. Download – What’s the […]

Tower of Saviors Auto Combo for IOS (FREE)


Famous puzzle game in iOS and Android – Tower of Saviors. An addictive and widely popular smash hit mobile game, match three or more gems of the same color to gain score and combo. What if you are so busy or lazy to fight with low level monster, today we will share out how to […]

Lazors Answers and Cheat Sheet

Lazors Answers Cheat Sheet - featured

Lazors by Filipe Lemos is a puzzle game that you need to hit all the targeted dot by laser reflected when you move the blocks or mirrors. It contains of total 120 levels that ranged from easy to hard and I am glad to share the lazors answers with cheat sheet for all levels. Updated: […]

The Curse 1.4 update

The Curse Secret Admirer solutions featured

Secret admirer stories come with 10 valentine theme levels has been updated in the curse game. We will share out hint and guide to help you how to solve it. “EARTH = HATER = LOVER SERVE = VERSE = CHORUS. The word ELBOW will provide your answer…” This riddle took me some times to solve. […]