A Secret Letter from my Father Walkthrough

A Secret Letter from my Father Walkthrough – Unlock the stainless box

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1. Solve the mathematics hints behind the wardrobe door, the answer will be 5723
a. Tap on (1) to check the hint.

b. Hint for stainless box.

c. Formula to solve it, the answer is a=5 b=7 c=2 d=3.

2. Used this answer (5723) to unlock the stainless box inside the bookshelf and you will find a bottle of fertilizer in it.
a.Tap on (1) to stainless box.

b.Tap on (2) to answer.

c.Input 5723 (3) to unlock the stainless box.

d.Tap on (4) to take the fertilizer.

e.A bottle of fertilizer.

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  • juzhax

    I got stuck . . .


    You will complete this game by follow my guide. Thanks.

  • http://n/a Grace

    Thanks so much for the help. I wouldn’t have made it without you! :)