Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough

Finally Fieldrunners 2 is release! I like this game since first version. Hence I will share out the guide how to breakthrough the level.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough

Fieldrunners 2 Map
fieldrunners2 guide map

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Carnie guarding

fieldrunners2 map carnie guarding

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Twist of fate

Casual mode
Tough mode

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Speedhenge

p/s: For heroic mode with this build you have to replace the gatling towers with spark towers.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Broken Branch

1. Basic setup with gatling towers and spark towers(no upgrade)
2. Ice towers and 1 tesla tower added to prevent air and tougher units passing. Saving money for tesla tower.
3. Once added 2 tesla towers can concentrate on upgrade spark towers, ice towers and tesla tower.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Clone Henge(Heroic)

1. Try to place 4 gatling towers at second row. And then get your first spark tower as soon as possible.
2. Try to get at least 3 spark towers to cover the map and random gatling tower to prevent the leak.
3. Pyro tower is the key!
4. Once finish setup it will easily bring you to success!
5. Place railgun to prevent the leak and then upgrade pyro towers to the max.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Home on Derange(Heroic)

1. Use gatling tower setup a maze.
2. Spark tower with no upgrade (p/s: the right side ice tower can ignore my misplacement)
3. First tesla tower at round 26 to knock down tough units and air units.
4. Almost there tesla towers is a must and glue towers is important here to slow down runners to get more hits by tesla towers. Glue towers is cheaper slow towers so it good for save costs to upgrade tesla towers.
5. Final round, build up Lv3 tesla towers as much as you can.
Variation 2 (Heroic) Endless setup for unlock 5 million points card. (ver 1.0 only)
With this endless setup you can survive over 1000 rounds. (version 1.0)


Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Tangled express time trial

1. Build 2 gatling towers and upgrade to max first then build spark tower.
2. Try to build more spark towers first.
3. 4 spark towers with max level
4. I use the fire nuclear at last second. :)

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Cardio Canyon

Variation 1 (casual)

Variation 2 Heroic with no item used, Aug 23th 2012 updated
1. Setup with gatling towers and upgraded 2 of it to max level.
2. First spark tower at round 12.
3. Follow by second spark tower, then get ice towers and upgrade spark tower to the max. And then save money for radiation tower.
4. First pyro tower at round 39 it can easy decimate group of units.
5. Final build with only 7 leaks, 1 fire nuclear at round 40+ and no items used.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Bizarre Bazaar

Heroic no leak and no items used.
1. Setup maze with gatling towers.
2. Once finished setup the maze, try to get spark towers and upgrade to max level first, then purchase 1 tesla tower.
3. Try to save money to get first gailgun at round 35.
4a. At round 40 you can try to use buy/sell technique to let the tank reverse back the route. Sell the gatling tower (1a) and place it to (1b). You will notice the tank from (2a) move to (2b). Once the tank get destroyed you have to sell the (1b) tower and place back the gatling tower to (1a).
5. I do use the fire nuclear at round 50 and 80 to prevent leaked.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Curious Gorge

1. Setup to block the middle.
2. Almost there do remember place missile tower to prevent air plane and heavy unit
3. Combine with oil and hive tower.
4. Tesla tower is a must! And I select plasma tower instead of flamethrower here.
5. Upgrade to the max!

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Curious Gorge Heroic

p/s: I am not so satisfied on the result, when I have time I will replace the new one.

1. Setup maze.
2. Continue with maze.
3. Once get a railgun you will get easy.
4. I leak out a lot at this level but able to survive.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: The frying pan

This level only have ground unit, so it is easy to plan.
1. Setup
2. Once completed setup can put tesla, hive or any high damage towers at center.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: The frying pan Heroic

1. Setup maze.
2. Build radiation,spark and tesla tower.
3. Build mine tower.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: The frying pan Heroic 5 million points (ver 1.1)

Just want to show it is possible to unlock 5 million points card in patch 1.1.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: Ring of Fire

1. Setup
2. This map have a lot of air units you have to place your tesla tower wisely.

Fieldrunners 2 Walkthrough: End of Doom

Finally this is the last map of fieldrunners 2, the map is large and I still experimental on it. Here I will share out the way to fully utilized the lava spaces which can deal some damage to runners.
1. Setup 14-15 Gatling Towers done.
fieldrunners2 map end of doom 01
2. Continue build up especially the center of the map do remember place high damage towers to hit the air units.
fieldrunners2 map end of doom 02
3. You can replace gatling tower to spark towers and slow towers to ice towers here.
fieldrunners2 map end of doom 03


  1. i need help on twiste of fate

  2. says:

    hi kk,
    I have updated twist of fate in this post which is casual and tough mode, hope this can help you.

  3. i need help on broken branch tough or heroic

  4. Home On Derange (Heroic) has got me stumped. A walk through is appreciated as were the rest of these walkthroughs.

  5. Theres’s a much better way for Cardio Canyon. You can make them walk right left after the entrance and then cross the bridge on the upper right corner,so they will have to walk back the whole way. Spark Tower is a must here. Dont use the Pyro Tower, cause there are anti-heat units.
    Didnt figure out to do this on heroic though :P.

    • Correct! Agree with it because of this I put this is variation 1, and when I captured this screenshot still in casual mode on that time haven’t unlock the spark tower yet.

  6. I need help on Curious Gorge heroic :(

  7. where do you put other tower for The Frying Pan?? i used the setup, but i tried some spots but it didn’t work

  8. Could u please help on bizzare bazaar please

  9. Hi I need help on clone henge heroic and tangled express heroic

  10. What about Scrambled Egg Heroic… 3200 Kills?!!?

  11. Yeh Cardio Canyon on Heroic – i cant figure it out – im down to abou 10 lives after 20 rounds and cant save enough for even one spark or radioactive tower

  12. What about Turbo Dryer aon Heroic?

  13. Could you also be a little more specific on Curious Gorge Heroic between level 28 and 61?

  14. What about Turbo Dryer on Heroic?

  15. Scrambled egg heroic does not look right. I used rewind at the end and it gives you 40 sec without rewinding the towers and kills. Still with 5 of them I can get 200 sec which is more than 3 minutes. Still it is very unlikely I can get to 3200 kills. Maybe a bug or mistake or I am missing something?!

    • Hi Mehrshad, this scrambled egg should be a bugs we have to wait next update to fix it.

      • No its no bug.. i have completed Scrambled egg level in heroic mode. And yeah its tough as hell. i shouted loud after i saw that victory sign. :)

  16. Stefanus Aryanto says:

    Bro, I like your page, Help me to solve my problems
    will you help me with the “Turbo Dryer Heroic” but without Gas Tower, cause i still dont have it?, Thanks in advance

  17. Hey, heres a good link for cardio canyon heroic

  18. For those who stuck in Turbo Dryer heroic, I found this video is useful. :)

  19. The new level is very very easy – bit dissapointing. Not worth putting up a walkthrough!!!!!
    Great game tho. 75 stars now – you bewdy!

  20. Is it better to place a power tower among the railguns in the home derange endless after setting up the whole map?
    (I’m sorry for my bad English)

    • Hi Anh, Yes you can try to use power tower to enhanced the railguns but for me it seem not much effective. Maybe I need some experiment on power tower. :)

  21. Which area is the best to earn money?

  22. Hey, it’s me again. Because i really want to defeat all the heroic maps so I installed the update last week. And I also want to earns coins to unlock my last tower so i play the home on derange endless. There are some few changes:The max level Teslas are now 2100 and the max-leveled railguns are 2000 damage. I don’t know that it’s me or not but i feel it’s now more difficult. Can you check it for me and see that is it really harder? And if it is, could you put a newer walkthrough?
    Thank you

  23. Hi its me again.I really have troubles to set up the maze on Home of Derange for the 5 Million Points Card. How do you start this? Im always at 9 leaks on Round 13. I got it on heroic with another set up but i dont get how yours works.

    Thx for this Page.


  24. How to set up the Maze on Home of Derange for the 5 Million Points? I have always so many leaks at the Setup. Could you maybe add 1 or 2 Screenshots from the setting up?

    Btw; thx for doing this page :)

  25. Hi, could you please add a few screenshots of how you achieve the 5mil card for Frying Pan Heroic. I’ve tried and failed a dozen times. Thanks

  26. Hey man, which towers are worth buying most? Gas, plauge, power, or bombkin. I bought the rest already. I also wonder if you knew where to farm coins in the latest version. Do you get many from frying pan heroic (because you lose money selling towers all the time)?

  27. I haven’t bought any towers with coins yet. Can you tell me what order to buy them?


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