Stalker 2 Room Escape Walkthrough

Stalker 2 Room Escape Walkthrough – Three pieces of Papers with markings that is related the computer password

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1. Turn to the door, click on (1), one piece can be found under the carpet (1b).

2. Turn to the bookshelf, click on (2) , one piece is behind the rubbish bin (2b).

3. Turn back to the bookshelf, click on (3) , and last will be inside the book (3b).

4. Combine 3 pieces of paper and it will show 6 Braille alphabet.

5. From the clues given, the computer password is “ACCESS”

6. Turn to the computer click on (5b) to input the password.

7. We are now into the computer window screen with another hints of “Buddy turns 15 today” and the date show in the screen 2011-10-31.
The solution for this hints will be 15 years back which is 19961031.

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  • Lauren A Douglas

    Where do you get the paperclip


      The paper clips what is placed on top the CPU.