Stalker 2 Room Escape Walkthrough

Stalker 2 Room Escape Walkthrough – Matches Puzzle and Crowbar (Ending – Perfect way)

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1 . Turn back to the wall click on (1) and use the screwdriver to open the treasure box click on (1b) to unlock the box.

Solve the matches puzzle which is take away 6 matches in order to make 10.
Refer to the picture for the solution of take 6 to make 10.
First solution = TEN
Different solution = 010

3. After you solve the matches puzzle then you will find a crowbar inside the box, click on (2) to take it.

4. Then you have to use the crowbar to open up the woods that is blocking on the window click on (3) to escape.

Congraturation “You Are Free”!!!

From now you can continue last chapter.


  1. Where do you get the paperclip

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